D.I. (Digital Intermediate)

D.I. is a motion picture finishing process which classically involves digitizing a motion picture and manipulating the color and other image characteristics. It often replaces or augments the photochemical timing process and is usually the final creative adjustment to a movie before distribution in theaters. It is distinguished from the telecine process in which film is scanned and color is manipulated early in the process to facilitate editing. However the lines between telecine and DI are continually blurred and are often executed on the same hardware by colorists of the same background. These two steps are typically part of the overall color management process in a motion picture at different points in time. A digital intermediate is also customarily done at higher resolution and with greater color fidelity than telecine transfers.

Artha Films DI studio is a high-tech studio backed up highly experienced technicians who can enhance any motion picture.

  • Da Vinci Resolve Set Up
  • Motion picture digitizing
  • Color grading
  • 4K resolution

D.I. may be a fairly recent phenomenon in movie world but it’s name is still buzzing. D.I. and all its various aspects including color correction and frame by frame scanning can be the difference between a good looking video/movie and a visual masterpiece. Our veteran D.I. experts are as seasoned as they come and their craft is often considered a pure visual treat. Most importantly, we are waiting with bated breath to lend our touch to your next film.