Artha Film Studios offers cutting edge VFX Solutions to Indian and International productions through its state of the art VFX studio in Mohali, Punjab With specialization in highly complex VFX, the company and its team of award winning artists stand at the forefront of an extremely dynamic world of VFX production. The VFX Solutions include Concept Design, Pre-Viz, Look Development, On-set Supervision, Matte Painting and Compositing/ Finishing for 2D and stereoscopic feature film and TV projects.

  • CGI and Compositing
  • Rotoscopy and Clean ups
  • Chroma and Wire Removal
  • Crowd multiplication and Day to Night conversions

In this era where many feature length movies are shot entirely on green screens, visual effects are the key to a good looking, well-finished music video or film. Our experts have an eye for detail that can scan even the minutest flaws in raw footage. Their skill-set can turn a diamond-in-the-rough into a glimmering, shining 24K end-product. Even if that means working on it fame by frame.